About Us

Manaka Unsui

The Jinenkan-federation was founded by Manaka Fumio (Bugo “Unsui“) in 1996. The purpose of the Jinenkan is to allow all students to learn the martial arts of feudal Japan, in an open and free manner. Manaka Unsui has five decades of experience in these warrior arts. “Jinenkan” literally means “house or hall of nature”, emphasizing the natural flow of the elements. “Unsui” literally means “clouds-water”. This name is also used by monks (of certain buddhist schools) who don’t live in a temple, but prefer going out into the world to gain experience and search for enlightenment.

Mario de Mol

Mario De Mol started his budo-career in 1982, starting Ninjutsu near the end of the 80’s. Mario became one of the pioneers of the Bujinkan-federation in Belgium. When Manaka Sensei left the Bujinkan and founded the Jinenkan in 1996 Mario immediately joined as a full member. Mario is a Rokudan, currently the highest graded member in the Jinenkan, behind Manaka Sensei.

Lance Horsman

Lance Horsman started his Martial arts career in 1993, and commenced training in Ninpo in 1994.  Lance left the Genbukan in 2010, immediately joining the Jinenkan.  He travels to Belgium every year for instruction from Mario and is the Jinenkan representative in South Africa. He has also been practicing pakua since 2008.