Tues/Thurs evenings from 6 to 8 and Sat mornings from 7 to 11.

Yes – private training is offered in subjects that individual students wish to specialise in on non- training nights and outside of normal training times. These are arranged by discussion with instructors.

From 16 years onwards

Yes, as long as all in the class area aware of the injuries. The instructor can guide you on how to train around your injuries. Clear communication and common sense training are the key here.

No problem – come and get fit with us.

There is full contact in a controlled environment. There are no gloves, gum guards or sparring ring. There is no sparring equipment. There are no competitions. Waza (Techniques) are practised slowly at first, with increasing speed, power and intensity as skill levels increase.

Yes – and it gets more demanding the longer you train. Initially, you are only learning, so techniques are easier – as you progress, so the martial art becomes harder. It is a gradual learning process designed to build you up, not break you down.

Yes – you can train whatever you want outside of training times.

Undoubtedly. Techniques within the syllabus are currently taught in one form or another to defence agencies around the world. People have been using Ninpo techniques to survive dangerous conflict since antiquity. The human body has not changed, even if mind-sets and fashion have. You will learn real self-defence techniques.

No. There are no points, no tables, no logs, no champions, contenders or trophies. You train Traditional Martial arts to grow as a person. Each time you train, you compete against yourself from yesterday.

Yes, you can. There is a grading structure, but the focus is on getting as good as you can, not on getting the highest grade you can. High grades and high martial level aren’t always the same thing.

Yes, all of the above. Traditional Martial Arts have taught people to survive in life’s most brutal conditions. Within it are the seeds for all sorts of self-examination and self-growth. It is up to each person to grasp out of the training what they need, and make it work in their own life.

At first, just a willingness to train and some comfy training clothes. Over time, a Gi (training outfit) and training weapons.

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